Poll: Are you worried by your smartphone spying on you?

9-thumbplaces.jpgWith the South Korean police accusing Google of illegally tracking phone owners today, and revelations two weeks ago that iPhones store a record of everywhere that their users go – your smartphone spying on you is this month’s big scare story.

It’s all about location tracking. We know that our phones know where we are – it’s very useful. GPS is great.

But what we didn’t know is that the iPhone, and possibly Android phones too, store up detailed records of where you’ve been and save a file of location correlated to time – leaving a record of where your iPhone has been while you’ve owned it.

It’s there. It doesn’t sound like Apple are going to change it, and it seems that Google are tracking and storing our location too though we’re not sure of the means.

How do y’all feel about it?

Anna Leach