Playboy back catalogue hits iPad in spirit of "nostalgia and affinity"


The entire Playboy back catalogue is now available on the iPad. That’s right, every playmate, every article and every vintage ad from the magazine’s 57 year long history can be viewed on your very own iPad, for $8 a month.

Apple doesn’t allow porn in the App Store, but Playboy is getting around this by offering the content as “optimised for iPad”.

The “iPlayboy” was hailed by the company as the “world’s sexiest time machine”, but the question now is whether people will be willing to pay for this. After all, the reason Playboy has launched this in the first place is likely due to flagging magazine sales in the internet age.

The company said the service is indented to appeal to a “sense of collective nostalgia and affinity” – a euphemism perhaps, but then again old ads are hilarious so they may be on to something … ?

[via The Register]