How your unborn baby can choose its own name from your iPhone


If you want your unborn child to have a say over its future name – then you might consider the iPhone app ‘Kick to Pick’.

Your child will have to gotta get used to using smartphones so you might as well start it in the womb….

App-maker Nathan Parks from Leeds, UK said:

“Not only does it provide a great source of inspiration but plenty of fun too, making it perfect for baby showers, family gatherings or a gift for expecting parents. Those using the Kick to Pick app can narrow their search either by gender or by creating a list of favourites to choose from.”

In my opinion the main flaw with this app is the user experience. To use it, the expectant mother would have to sit down with her phone switched onto this app, holding it lightly to her stomach waiting for her baby to do that kick thing.

What if someone calls before your baby has the chance to kick its little choice out? What if it takes so long you get bored, just decide to call it John and start playing Angry Birds? Well I suppose at $0.99 or 59p it’s cheaper than a book of names.

Who knows the little blighter might come up with a great idea…

Anna Leach


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