How we read the news now: 3 observations


Just been watching a video about how and when we read the news these days. Three little observations from a video on the Nieman Journalism Lab…

1) We all read it more at work. It used to be that people read the papers in the morning over their cornflakes and then that they might pick them up again after dinner, sitting in the armchair. Now reading news-sites is part of everyday routine in the office.

2) People who work from home tend to read news sites more at the weekends and in the evenings. People who work in offices are much less likely to look at news sites on their off-duty hours because they associate online news with the office.

3) Since we’re all reading the news a work – we are more likely to read stuff that we can talk to our office colleagues about – and that tends to be gossip and sport stuff rather than more controversial topics like politics, which can make for more difficult conversations…

Interesting huh?

[Nieman Journalism Lab]
Anna Leach