Divorce app reveals the gruelling legal process ahead (and may even save your marriage)


At £9.99 from iTunes this app better be good. The app, elegantly named “Divorce?”, is specially tailored at guiding couples through the divorce laws of England and Wales.

“Divorce law is complex and outcomes will vary according to precise circumstances,” note the app developers, advising people to also get professional help also.

But in the first instance, this app will give you an idea of what’s coming if you proceed – the divorce procedure, how much it will cost, issues surrounding child care, finance, how to choose a lawyer and how to budget, even.

Users have praised the plain English language used in the app, which has been authored by leading family lawyer, Peter Martin, head of family law at OGR Stock Denton. He told the Guardian:

“The purpose of Divorce? is to make people really think through their decision. It allows couples to have their eyes open before embarking on the formal stages of the process and spending money on legal fees. People don’t always think through the actual implications of divorce and this app makes them do that from the moment they start contemplating the idea. It might hopefully even encourage some people not to give up on their marriage so easily and try to work things out.”



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  • Divorce is going through a bit of a dip – so lawyers are trying to drum up business. A world without lawyers would be a much better one…

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