The interactive Air Guitar T-Shirt: helps you mime better..

The Last Republic – Augmented Reality – Air Guitar from FauvelKhan on Vimeo.

I like to think technology makes the world a better place. But sometimes it doesn’t. The interactive air guitar t-shirt from Welsh company FauvelKhan premiered SXSW today doesn’t really do that much for the world. Though it did pick up an award at the festival.

What it does do is tell you how accurate your air guitar movements are. If you stand in front of a computer with a webcam, wear this t-shirt and do some air guitar, it will pick up how accurate your motions are for a given song.

There you go.

FauvelKhan the company was born out of a friendship from Swansea Metropolitan University. They have applied for a worldwide patent on the T-shirt.

Anna Leach