SHINY COMPETITION: our TokyoFlash Kisai Console watch winner!


Emma Kenny from Hull was the lucky winner of our competition for a TokyoFlash Kisai Console watch – a entrancingly weird emerald and matte black steel creation in the fine tradition of TokyoFlash. Based on the design of a old-style games console it doesn’t tell the time in a obvious way, but will let you work it out if you sit down and look at it long enough.

Emma correctly answered the question: Which TokyoFlash watch is named after the Japanese word for two? Answer: The Ni

Thanks Emma, The Kisai Console watch should be winging its way towards you soon. Make sure you don’t lose the instruction manual though, these things are hard to tell the time on.

Everyone else: TokyoFlash emailled us yesterday to say that the proceeds from any watches bought before tomorrow will go to Japanese earthquake relief – see more here. If you want to help and get a great timepiece in the bargain, now’s the time to buy one.

Look out for more competitions in future – we’re likely to be working with TokyoFlash again.

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Anna Leach

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