SHINY COMPETITION: Win a Kisai Console watch from TokyoFlash



ShinyShiny have teamed up with TokyoFlash to give one lucky reader the chance to win their Console watch (retail value: £113.47)

We’re big fans of the crazy watches that Japanese brand TokyoFlash create. They combine high quality engineering with a slightly deranged approach to telling the time that makes their watches about ten times more fun than normal watches.

TokyoFlash often crowdsource watch designs which partly accounts for their unusual look. With a design inspired by games consoles – this is how they describe the Console watch:

“Vivid green lights illuminate three separate screens as you touch the button to activate the display. The system is online and fully operational. It’s time to take control of your wrist wear with Kisai Console.

“Precision engineered from high quality stainless steel, Console features three carefully drilled zones, each fitted with a curved, smoked mineral crystal glass lens enabling the light to be clearly diffused within each segment to present the time.”

Fancy one? Enter today by answering this question:

Which Tokyoflash watch is named after the Japanese word for 2?

To enter the competition go to ShinyShiny’s Facebook page, and leave your answer as a comment on the TokyoFlash competition discussion board. One correct answer at random wins a Tokyoflash watch.

(Competition closes on Wednesday 9th March 2011. Only ShinyShiny Facebook page fans will be eligible to win the prize. Winner will be picked at random.)

Keep an eye on and the ShinyShiny Facebook page, for chances to win more prizes in the future!

More on the Console Watch on

Anna Leach


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  • You should have allowed other users too either through email or twitter.. nways I couldn’t enter on this so good luck everyone.

  • Only facebook users allowed not twitter ? It would have been nice if you would have allowed twitter users too.

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