RIM enlists help from friends for the PlayBook app situation


RIM’s PlayBook has had some grumblings from commentators about the availability of apps for the new tablet. But it seems the Blackberry makers have found a way around this: allow Android and Java apps on the PlayBook.

BlackBerry App World will now let users access BlackBerry Java Apps and Android Apps – as long as the app makers make a few, quick adjustments. This means repackaging, re-coding and re-submitting the apps to the App World, but this is quick and should be worth developers’ while as it means they have access to yet another device.

Isn’t it nice when we all get along. The PlayBook is expected this spring.



  • This is perfect for me…along with BB MVS, BB VPN and now the Playbook with an Android remote desktop app, I can truly work mobile and do tech support on the go.

    I wonder how well they will perform. Does this mean there is a QNX port of Dalvik now?

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