London Olympics bans mobiles (and most other things too)


We used to manage to keep track of each other in crowds once – then the mobile phone arrived and this skill was lost to history.

The arrangers of the London Olympics might not have considered the full ramifications of this when they decided to issue a flat out ban on mobiles for all ticket holders.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games has written a whopper of a document detailing the security measures for the event – 7,350 words of draconian rule – and you can forget about bringing food or drink too, by the way.

So that’s no mobiles, no sustenance, no liquids measuring over 100 ml (!) – and absolutely NO umbrellas, horns, whistles, drums, rattles or musical instruments. And nothing that may cause “damage or disruption” either – judging from the attitude implied by this list that could be just about anything.

We just feel sorry for the team which will have to take everyone’s mobiles off them each morning, and give them back to them in the evening. Talk about logistical nightmare. But at least there will be no vuvuzelas.



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