Intelligent Billboard gives you dog treats: truly the future is here

We always imagine stuff in the future will be super useful. However, it’s likely a lot of it will just be ridiculous and focused around advertising and pets.

Like this intelligent billboard in Germany for example. It uses hot technology of location-based social networking to do something quite stupid but kind of cute.

So it’s an advert for Granata Pet brand dog food, and as owners pass by with their dogs they can stop in front of it, use their mobile phones to check in on Foursquare and as soon as they do, a dog treat will pop out of the billboard and the dog – or I guess owner – can sample the product before deciding to buy it.

The checkins are noted on a distant server that is connected to a black box in the billboard that controls the dispenser.

Granata pet food is based on pomegranates – goodness knows why. Maybe they should dedicate a further billboard to explaining that.

Even freakier billboards are coming soon – check out: Advertising billboards will know how you feel (and they’re not afraid to dish

[via Mashable]

Anna Leach


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