For Lent: The Children's Bible iPad app with cartoon Jesus


It is Lent after all – so there’s something fitting about a Bible app. The Children’s Bible app works for the iPhone and iPad both, and will give you the good word in story as well as cartoon form (official image above). The creators have just released a new version of this app, trusted by 500,000 families according to the company. Free from iTunes.

While the thought of iPad Bible browsing may seem unusual, the Vatican’s presence on Facebook shows the Church is no stranger to new ways of spreading the word.

Those who prefer a more traditional approach, however, may want to opt for the plain Bible app (also free from iTunes). This will give you the text in the more familiar format. It comes with over 50 translations too, and has an airplane mode so you can use it above the clouds. And if that’s not enough, you can bookmark your favourite passages and make notes, and if you want you can share them with friends on Facebook on Twitter.



One thought on “For Lent: The Children's Bible iPad app with cartoon Jesus

  • Please take a look at this Bible App for kids.
    This is a a fun, interactive Bible based children’s book that creatively teaches why Jesus died on the cross for us.
    ‘Jesus Story’ teaches scripture in an interesting way while citing real passages. With the added bonus of a mini game and fun hidden tasks on every page, children will be kept entertained while becoming more familiar with the bible and the salvation message.

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