Zuckerberg gets restraining order on Facebook stalker, who wanted Zuck to help him with a problem


It’s common that rich, famous people get stalkers who follow them around asking them for money, so it’s not surprising Mark Zuckerberg has got one, though it’s a bit ironic the guy is stalking him through Facebook.

However it’s the real life stalking from Mr Pradeep Manukonda, 31, that’s causing the problem and has landed Manukonda with a restraining order, forcing him to stay 300 yards (274m) away from Mr Zuckerberg, his girlfriend and his sister.

According to the BBC, Manukonda followed Zuckerberg round asking for money for his mother’s medical care..

According to TMZ, Pradeep says he was dealing with a major personal problem — and “I thought Mark would be able to give me advice.” Pradeep wouldn’t disclose the nature of his problem, but insists it had nothing to do with computers.

Anna Leach