VIDEO: Baby Gupi & Gerald star in a round up of desktop toys from Thumbs Up

Marble run for grown-ups? A crazy automated hamster? Plastic bugs that hop in the sun? Product developers Thumbs-Up have designed them all along with the iPhone iFlash for 3G and 3Gs, and Ella came in to tell us about these crazy gizmos. Then see what difference 50% extra fleece make for the majestic Hugz. And then Gerald does the best fleece-wear modelling that has ever happened in Shiny Towers.
[ps – the video goes vertical at the end…. I just got too excited]

Solar Bugs – £12.99
Baby Gupi -£9.99
iPhone iFlash – £19.99
Space Coaster – £19.99
Hugz – £19.99

All available on iWoot or Firebox

See more crazy designs at Thumbs-Up World

Anna Leach