offers, yes, LOVE – plus some personalised dating tips

Been leaving the search for true love a little late again this year? Well, maybe this handy little website will help you. Yes, it is a new dating website. YES IT IS.

Optimistically named (I suppose wouldn’t have the same positive associations) it promises to help you find love, soon.

Launching on V-day, it has a twist – there are experienced staff members available online who you can “interact with” if interaction with . Now I don’t quite know what that means, so I’ll just quote what they say:

“”The website is run and managed by genuine and real people who are dedicated and passionate about providing members with a comfortable, safe and fun way to socialise, make new friends and, if they’re looking for love, help them on their journey.”

Now – what does “help them on their journey” mean? Do they provide helpful dating tips – by say checking over your dating history and giving you advice about where you’re going wrong? [Don’t send the girl a picture of your dick so early on in the instant message chat! Don’t mention World of Warcraft in your interests!]

Or, perhaps, do they just fill in with sexy chats for you when you’re bored and no-body else wants to talk to you? (perhaps for the aforementioned reasons) Is it in a way like a instant messenger escort service – where paid professionals take you through the steps until you meet someone who will talk to you without being paid?

Either one sounds good to me.

We can’t check this out yet, because the site isn’t out till 12:01am Valentines day.

It’s also offering an iPad as a kind of launch prize draw.

Anna Leach