Inside the temple: Why Apple Store staff lie, a bit


There’s a cute little expose on Business Insider today from an Apple store employee revealing that a) they lie to customers; and b) that homeless people often come into the store to play on the Macs and sometimes switch death metal music on full blast.

We say they lie to customers – we mean that they will exaggerate the impact that jailbreaking an iPhone will have to store customers – claiming it will brick your phone and that the antennae will be fried. It won’t.

Other things that people like doing on the Macbooks in the Apple Stores include playing Britney Spears and changing the computer language to Korean.

Apple store employees can get fired for talking off-hand about new products (even if they know nothing about them) and they find out about big releases like the iPad on the morning of the launch.

And apparently all those chirpy, good-looking youngster in matching aertex t-shirts are trying to get on the Genuis Bar section. And they do get credit if they sell you something, though not extra money.


Any experiences of your own with Apple store staff?

See the full post on Business Insider

Anna Leach