Hammertime hits the iPad as rapper releases exclusive single through Flipboard app


A little Hammertime can be the perfect addition to a dancefloor when the clock has well gone midnight and you really should be saying no to that next drink. The iPad is not the first connection to pop into your head when hearing the name MC Hammer, but this is the medium with which the retro-fabulous rapper has chosen to release his new single.

Using newsreader app Flipboard, the single ‘See Her Face’ will be available to iPad owners, who may or may not want to don some wide-legged Hammer trousers for the listening experience.

While it may seem like an odd mix, the initiative is part of an ongoing project from Flipboard to bring content owners and publishers on board as partners, instead of only treating them as content producers. Mr Hammer is already a keen presence on Twitter, and the 1980s star now seems to be fully embracing the social media revolution.