Thing-O-Matic shows what 3D printers really need: a retro-makeover


Perhaps a cute retro name is all that three dimensional printers need to get the adoring audience that they deserve..

3D printers are super exciting, but somehow the green-glowing wooden Thing-O-Matic has captured the public imagination a bit more than the usual grey metal industry-focussed offerings. Using tiny droplets of plastic to build up three dimensional shapes, it lets you make little plastic models of things from computer files.

Attaching to your computer over USB, it’s nice and simple.

So three dimensional printers are a bit pricier than your average Epson Inkjet – this one will set you back $1225 or around £790 from Makerbot and the plastic it uses costs about $10 (about £6.40) per pound.

[via CRAVE]
Anna Leach