Pushnote lets you scribble on the web


A Google Sidewiki for the masses, PushNote lets you annotate the web – leaving a trail of comments across the websites of the world…

Available over a browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) Pushnote provides a place for anyone to comment on what’s going on any website. Only other people who have Pushnote can see your comments.

Pushnote is a UK start-up that has had a boost from an endorsement by Stephen Fry..

Because the owners of the site can’t control or moderate the comments, many brands won’t be happy with this service. However the way Pushnote integrates with users’ Twitter and Facebook accounts and the trend towards people using their own names should reduce the amount of graffiti or spam that ends up on the service.

Will it go mainstream where Google Sidewiki didn’t? Google Sidewiki was feted at the time but has fizzled down, to the extent where there isn’t even a Chrome extension for the service.

Hard to say. Do you think you’ll find a regular use for it?


Anna Leach


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