Earbuds shine light in your ears to make you happy: Yes, this is a thing


So, if you thought what you needed to make you happy was a break in the Carribbean, a pay rise or a hunky romantically inclined new colleague, well, forget that – there’s a much simpler way. We’re talking about shining light into your brain through your ears.

Yes of course we are. While you may have thought that your eyes were the part of you that perceives light, it seems your ears like it too, or rather, what’s behind your ears – your brain. Apparently parts of the grey matter are photo-sensitive and appreciate a little bright light now and then. It’s of particular benefit to those who suffer from SAD – the winter darkness condition. There’s science behind this of course:

Researchers at the University of Oulu, Finland, say that tests gave relief from darkness-induced depression (SAD) to nine out of ten subjects with a daily 8-12 minute dose for four weeks. They’ve got investment already and are undertaking further tests to back this up.. though the lightbox is available now:

They say:

“In our clinical tests, approx. 9 patients out 10 experienced total relief of symptoms, which is a revolutionary result. Just 8-12 minutes a day is enough.”

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[via Wired]

Anna Leach