Dell will launch hybrid tablet computer on Three

Dell’s transformer-style laptop-cum-tablet computer The Inspiron Duo will be launched on Three in the UK next month, according to rumours on blogs. It’s not one of the swanky new tablets we saw at CES 2011, but it does look like an interesting addtion to the line-up which currently just consists of the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy.

Releasing it on a contract from Three is smart because it reduces the big barrier to entry – a huge price tag and provides the useful service of getting the thing on mobile internet.

However, we expect a lot of people will wait before jumping into the tablet market, particularly with Apple’s iPad 2 announcement due in Feb.

I wasn’t thrilled by the Inspiron Duo’s 4hr battery life or Intel Atom chip, but it does have JBL speakers – a nice touch.

More on the Inspiron Duo here>

Anna Leach


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