3D comes to video chat: Swinger webcam chatroom leads the way

We don’t flinch from the seedier aspects of technology… and we always knew someone was going to take 3D TV to its natural conclusion: a 3D Swinger webcam chatroom.

3D isn’t just for Disney moves about Yogi Bear, and almost inevitably it has been enlisted in the internet’s insatiable appetite for naked webcam chats. Swingingheaven.co.uk say they have invested a substantial amount of money developing their new chat room technology that is now 3D compatible.

Don’t worry that you need a full 3D set to make this work, SwingingHeaven.co.uk CEO says that you just need to own a pair of 3D glasses and the host to own a 3D camera, both easily purchased from any high street electronics retailer.

We’d better let them explain what the advantages are in their own words…

“Initial users have had a great deal of fun testing the new service. Many of them have complained about being addicted to using it and say it gives them a far better perspective on what they are viewing.

Chatroulette next we hope.

So the link’s below but let me just give you a quick warning, ****<<nsfw!>>****** (though there aren’t any pictures on the home page).

Anna Leach


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