Yota Space launches with very cool 4D projection

It isn’t a bad time to be Russian at the moment what with a certain momentous World Cup on its way and also a very exciting high-tech arts festival, Yota Space, happening this month in St Petersburg.

Yota Space is a series of events and exhibitions from some very cool artists and musicians which is sponsored by, surprisingly enough, Yota a telecoms company that specialises in 4G systems. That’s 4G, as in much faster and more efficient than the rather outdated 3G systems we currently have in the UK. In fact the Yota WiMax offering in St Petersburg is almost certainly significantly quicker than the broadband you have at home.

Over the next few days I’ll be in Russia trailing the 4G gear and checking out if it matches the hype. I’ll also be talking to artists like Drive Productions and onedotzero who are harnessing technology to create some amazing art.

To see what Drive are capable of here’s their main production for the show – a 4D projection mapping of the Mikhailovsky Palace in St Petersburg, Russia.

The iconic, traditional landmark museum has been transformed into a towering, real life canvas on to which the artists have created a rather stunning display.

Ashley Norris