Wikileak Wars: Facebook supports them, Twitter is shaky, hackers take down Swiss bank that refused them

1428wiki.jpgThe big players in the online world are being forced to take sides on Wikileaks, after the US government has leant on companies from PayPal to Amazon to drop their services to the Wikileaks website.

Amazon have withdrawn use of their servers from Wikileaks, PayPal have cancelled the Wikileaks account, and the DNS server has been pressured to pull the domain- meaning that currently the site is not accessible.

Mastercard, Visa and the Swiss bank Post Finance where the Wikileaks account was held have also frozen all of Wikileaks’ assets.

Facebook however is standing by Wikileaks – according to ReadWriteWeb, Facebook issued a statement saying that they would let Wikileaks continue to post to fans from their Facebook page:

“The Wikileaks Facebook Page does not violate our content standards nor have we encountered any material posted on the page that violates our policies.”

As is Twitter – though they were less sure if the Wikileaks account could continue indefinitely. When ReadWriteWeb asked point blank about whether it will permit the Wikileaks account to remain online or whether it will be shut down, Twitter’s Matt Graves told them, “We’ve got no additional comment beyond the statement.””

It seems like there has been some retribution from the interwebs with hackers taking down the Swiss bank PostFinance that has revoked Wikileaks’ account with a DDOS attack on Monday night, as reported on techyum

The pro-Wikileaks hackers, operating under the name Anon_Operations ( called their attack “Operation Payback.”

As they tweeted: “The KKK can receive payments via Visa and PayPal but #Wikileaks cannot. What a just world we live in.”

The struggle continues..

Anna Leach