Twin Video Camera captures what's behind the camera too..

1430.jpgiWoot have just released a new camera that does two- way captures: it records what’s behind and in front of it.

iWoot say it is unique and that the mini camcorder is ideal for video bloggers. It doesn’t record two streams of video, but it does let you switch between sides seamlessly.

They say:
“The camera has two lenses (one on each side) which you can switch between as you are filming and two microphones so that both sides of the action can be heard equally. And, of course, it has all the standard features that you would expect from a video camera – zoom, decent resolution and a good frame rate.”

It could be nice for interview scenarios, where you might want to convey two sides of the conversation equally.

Twin Video Camera is £129 on iWoot

Anna Leach


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