There's an app for that: iPhone app helps you buy fruit


Of course there’s an iPhone app that helps you buy ripe fruit. How could I have ever have imagined otherwise? How did people even buy fruit before the app store was invented?

Released today, Fruit Guide offers photography and reference text to help users select “only the finest, healthiest fruits available”. This is one of those apps that will undoubtedly be of help to hipsters and anyone who frequents organic food markets.

The app for iPhone, iPod and iPad is by HackingFresh and currently displays more than twenty-nine of the most popular fruits. Don’t worry if lychees aren’t up there yet – they say more are being added all the time and users are welcome to submit suggestions for new additions to the existing list of fruits.

Browsing through it, I must say that some of the observations aren’t exactly rocket science, like when it says that Golden Delicious apples are best when they are “light green”. But on trickier stuff like avocados, this could be a useful little resource. Though yes, you will look like a pratt if you stand for too long looking at your iPhone in the supermarket aisle.

It’s quite a pricey £1.19, but then think how much you’ll save over time by not buying bad fruit.

Fruit Guide is £1.19 on iTunes


Anna Leach

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