SoundCloud iPhone App: Lets Users Record & Share On The Go


SoundCloud has updated their iPhone app to allow users to record and share sound on the go.

The company hopes that musicians will use it to create audio tour diaries as wall as a tool so that that can quickly share works in progress with a wide community. Users uploading content from their phone can also add images and, by plugging into Foursquare’s API, their current location.

SoundCloud co-founder and CEO Alex Ljung stated that they see these new tools as an “addition to the creator toolbox. If you are a writer, you always have your notepad with you. Now if you are a musical creator, you always have a record button with you.”

This feature is also intended to help expand SoundCloud’s userbase beyond musicians. “These developments are a reflection of the rapidly emerging community of creators who are now using a wide range of sound as a way of positively expressing themselves…Whilst we remain totally committed to our strong music community, we also want to encourage and nurture these new creators. We see a future where people are capturing and sharing sound in the same way they might think to take a photo or video to record and share something visual.”

As a big fan of SoundCloud, I cant wait to see how this musicians will use this new tool. Personally I think it would be great for sampling.

The updated app is now available for free download.