Printing from iPad just got easier with Epson PrintJinni

1447thumb.jpgPrinting from your iPhone or iPad just got a bit easier as Epson updated their free app for iPhone, iPod and iPad called PrintJinni. [We think “jinni” is a cute way of saying “genie”].

You need a wireless printer – Epson recommends their WorkForce, Artisan and Epson Stylus NX models – but once you have one, the app makes it much easier to connect with them.

Provided both the iPhone and the printer need to be hooked up to the wifi it previews and prints without the need for an intermediate computer. The app will mainly be useful for printing email attachments – whether that’s PDF, Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents. It also prints JPEGs.

The new edition lets iPad users print iWork documents and uses the screen better. The search and preview functions have been improved too.

The app, currently $6.99, will be free by the end of December but has only been released in the US and Canada, we’re hoping for a UK release soon.

Printjinni on iTunes

Anna Leach

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