MySpace Launches Mobile Site

This week MySpace launched a new mobile version of it’s site at to improve the overall user experience on smartphones. They have also promised an iPhone app within the next few weeks that “will provide an experience that is centered on the activity stream,”
mobile MySpace

The mobile site is all a part of recent efforts to reposition themselves as a one-stop entertainment destination. The site is formatted for Apple’s iOS, Android, Palm and “select Nokia and Blackberry devices.” The mobile site is a compact, image-filled collection of up-to-the-minute news, videos and gossip. Like the full website, the mobile site has music items, video and trending entertainment news and celebrity updates, although does not have steaming music. Overall it is basically a simplified version of the redesigned MySpace site.

If MySpace has any chance of surviving it does make sense for them to find ways for to become more accessible to users, however, I am still not convinced that this will do much to save them.