Firefox Sets Up Baby Firefox Webcam

FireFox Live

Did you know that the cute little ‘Mozilla Firefox’, isn’t actually a fox? It turns out it is in fact a red panda. To help clear up this massive confusion, Mozilla in a stroke of marketing genius, has adopted a family of firefoxes and are streaming their every move by webcam for the whole world to enjoy.

Firefox LIVE features six cams following two female red panda cubs, their parents, and their aunt, all of which live at the Knoxville Zoo.

In a bid to make sure this is one of the best marketing ploys ever, they are giving the baby firefoxes a treat every time enough people download Firefox 4. They already gave them a jungle gym, next up is grass flats… You wouldn’t want to be the one to deny these little guys of their next treat would you?

You can check out the cubs in action here