Find Out If You Have Been Naughty Or Nice With Honda's New Facebook App


Want to know if you have made Santa’s naught or nice list this year? Well there’s a Facebook app for that.

To celebrate the holiday season Honda has launched the “NaughtyOrNice-a-tron” Facebook app. The app analyzes user’s Facebook activity, including status updates, comments and likes, focusing on language usage and key behaviors, to determine if he or she has been naughty or nice.

The app has been launched in connection with Honda’s annual “Happy Honda Days” campaign, which promotes its end-of-year sales event.

Testing out the app, was a fun way to remind myself of all the things I got up to over the year, and learnt that I use the words amazing and exciting far to often. The app deemed me “nice” although as you can see, only just.

Find out if you are naughty or nice by going here.