Watch this: film Catfish is a thriller about a Facebook romance and it's great


The latest must-watch film about the internet is a tale of internet romance, online personas and the fine, fine line between reality and virtual reality.

Catfish is funny, and low-key: New York film-maker Ariel decides to film his younger brother Nev when he gets an email from a fan of his photography and an internet relationship develops…

Though it’s largely about a Facebook friendship, it ratchets up the tension of a thriller and oh so accurately portrays the thrills, fantasy and weirdnesses of online friendships and romance.

It mixes overtones of Big Brother – literally it is the main guy’s older brother who is doing the filming – with some strange insights into how much we love to document our own lives, how much we exploit ourselves and other people and the interesting fantasies that the internet allows us to build.

Of course it helps that the central character Nev is smoking hot 22 year old, it helps, but we’d have liked it anyway.

See an internet trailer for Catfish here.

Anna Leach


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