Electric Eel powers Christmas tree lights.. #WeirdChristmas

If you’re worried about power cuts over this festive season, it may be worth keeping a few of these beauties stored up for emergencies.

Electric eels can officially power a tree’s-worth of christmas lights. They’re like wriggly, water-borne batteries. And hell they look a lot more exciting than them too. It was Japanese scientists who figured out the contraption that makes this work.

The brain behind this fun but admittedly quite useless idea is interviewed at the end of the vid. He sounds a bit spaced-out, but he’s obviously a fine engineer. He says:

“if we could gather up all the electric eels in the world, we would be able to light up an unimaginably large Christmas tree. I’d love to see the huge flash of light it made on the earth, from somewhere else in the Universe..”

You dream your dream brother!

[from Makezine]

Anna Leach