CitySocializing Secures £1m In New Funding

City Socializing

Moving to a new city is never easy. You have to make new friends, figure out where all the best places to eat and hang out are, in addition to a whole host of other things. As someone who has spent half their life moving, I am well versed in the challenges faced, which is why I find sites like CitySocialising so interesting.

CitySocialising, is an Online2Offline subscription-based ‘socialising network’ created so that young urbanites can meet new people. Users are a combination of city newcomers and re-locators looking to explore their city and build a social network from scratch, and city locals and settlers seeking to meet new likeminded people beyond their usual social and work circles. So basically It’s like a dating site but for friends.

Apparently I am not the only one intrigued by sites like this as the company today announced that they have secured £1m in funding to invest in the expansion and development of the business.

Would you use a site to help meet new friends, or have you tried other networking sites like before?