Could teddy bears become the new aubergines? New Facebook Social game Me to You


A gift card company has taken a left turn and got into making Facebook games. The Me and You game is based around the characters that appear on the cards – Tatty Teddy and a bunch of his blue-nosed teddy bear friends.

Like the most popular Facebook game – Farmville – it uses the social elements of Facebook and posts notifications to the user’s wall. I guess it ties into a similar cutey-twee nostalgia too. With the central character being a blue-nosed teddy bear, and the objective being to “find, nurture and love the friends” it’s not exactly Grand Theft Auto.

However as Farmville and Pet Society have shown, you don’t need guns or zombies to get people interested in a Facebook game. And I guess if you’re into your teddies, and nurturing your friends… then this game could be pretty popular.

i have to say after 5 minutes play that it’s pretty soothing, and kinda sweet. Hell, I enjoyed myself. What do you think

“By launching Me To You My Place we are taking the brand’s core sentiments of friendship, love and trust into the digital space and successfully blending the consumers on and off line experiences.” says Jocasta Kelsey, marketing manager at Carte Blanche Greetings.

Launched in 1995, the Me to You brand has grown to become one of the most successful non-media based character brands in the world with circa £500 million in annual retail sales globally.

try out Me to You My Place on Facebook

Anna Leach

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