2010 according to Facebook: Justin Bieber, the Miners and the internet slang


At the end of the year Facebook release statistics about what people what been writing about in their statuses and it’s always fascinating.

In 2010 it seems we were concerned about natural disasters, but that most of all we wanted to hang out with our friends. Hence the rise of internet acronym – HMU – hit me up (call me). As Facebook say “The shorthand for “hit me up” was this year’s biggest surprise. In early 2009, the acronym HMU was virtually unheard of.” but seems that’s all.
[Note: urban dictionary also suggests it means ‘hold my unicorn’, but I think we can take it that that’s a rare usage].


Other things that got the world talking was singer B.o.B. – use of the word “airplanes” surged in 2010 because people were citing lyrics from his hugely popular song “Airplanes”. “Barn raising” was the most popular phrase for the Games category as gamers on Facebook asked their friends to help them out on FarmVille.

Global events that got everyone talking included the World Cup, the Haiti Earthquake and the rescue of the Chilean miners.

Justin Bieber was the only musician in the list, Toy Story 3 and the Twilight films were talked about a lot. iPhone 4 and the iPad also cropped up in most popular terms of 2010, proving that Steve Jobs is still a maestro of hype. Facebook described the discussion as a mixture of “bragging, lusting or the occasional condemning post.”

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Anna Leach