Track Your Flush For World Toilet Day

Buckingham Palace

Apparently tomorrow is World Toilet day and the World Toilet Organization (yes really…) has launched an app to help raise awareness.

The Flush Tracker, does just as it’s name suggests. By entering in your location the app will show you exactly what happens to your flush once it disappears down the toilet: track its exact position, speed and distance traveled as it navigates the length of Britain’s sewage system. In case that’s not strange enough, you can check out pre-loaded flushes from such eminent postcodes as 10 Downing Street, and we all know a lot of crap comes out of there.

So despite being a bit of fun, this app is trying to raise awareness of the fact more than 2.6 billion people or 40% of the world’s population – lack access to basic sanitation. World Toilet Day is in its 10th year, and is aiming to highlight this problem faced by nearly half of the world’s population.

Check out where your flush goes here