Look-Up: AR app for iPhone brings gaming to the real world

An augmented reality app that lets you see UFOs hovering over the streets and shoot ’em down with your iPhone takes phone gaming to a new level. The game is not just on your 3.5 inch screen, it’s floating above your head, it’s on your right and it’s coming straight at you firing flaming missiles.

On the downside, the game makes you look like a right twat. See the video above. To someone not able to see your iphone screen, it looks like you are flinching, ducking and waving your arms around in response to **nothing**.

In days gone by, this sort of behaviour would have got you locked up in a mental asylum before you could explain to anyone that you were fighting the invisible alien ships.

Still, though it makes you look a crazy, I’m sure this will take off. People sing along to music only they can hear on MP3 players, and those people with hands-free phone headsets will walk around the streets looking like they are talking to nobody.

And hey, it just looks like a bunch of fun.

Anna Leach

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