Shiny Poll: Is the mouse dead? Do you still use one?

1387thumb.jpgWith the boom in sexy touch screens and the arrival (finallly) of the tablet computer – the humble mouse is looking a bit outmoded.

Most standard laptops have touchpads and while you can always attach a USB mouse, I’m curious to know how many people do.

However office computers always have them.. and don’t see public or shared computers getting touchscreens any time soon for the simple reason of hygiene.

So tell us Shiny reader, do you have a mouse? How often do you use it?

Anna Leach


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  • I use a gaming mouse on my Alienware M15x, the G9x. Pretty happy with it. At work it’s a crappy dell mouse… damn things go to shit so frequently that it’s usually a matter of finding anything that actually works there.

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