Scenely Launches: Group Buying For Gigs


Since Groupon launched in 2008, there has been hundreds of copycat sites launch, trying to capitalize on the success of the group buy phenomenon. However, most of them seem to focus on gym classes and spa deals, which is great but really how many times can you go to the spa.

That’s why were so excited to learn that the Platforms:live team has launched a new site called Scenely.

Scenely is a brand new site that offers half-price tickets to some of the best gigs and plays in London using a similar model to groupon. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on whether or not they will be rolling out across the rest of the UK, but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

In the meantime if your in London check out the site here for some great deals on gigs

UPDATE: Scenely hopes to expand across the UK if the site does well in London.