Will we get Compensation from Phone Networks if Coverage is poor?

1302thumb.jpgNetwork operators could have to start compensating customers if their coverage isn’t up to scratch, according to an announcement by Consumer Panel action.

This makes sense. If some sells you a service and that service doesn’t work properly, then you should be able to claim compensation for it, but with phone networks it is very hard to do.

However there are now some more gestures towards improving the service for phone users –

“Mobile operators and retailers surveyed in a Consumer Panel mystery shopping exercise are changing their contract cancellation policies to make it easier for customers who experience coverage problems.”

The Consumer Panel details how several of the key brands compensate customers.

“02, Tesco Mobile, Virgin and 3, which already had cancellation returns policies that met the Panel’s recommendation for a 14-day minimum returns period, have announced they are retraining all their sales staff to improve their understanding of company policy. 3 will cancel a contract because of poor coverage at any time, but does not advertise this.”

Anna Leach

One thought on “Will we get Compensation from Phone Networks if Coverage is poor?

  • Well, this is interesting discussion I think and I guess if the network operators will forced to give compensation to their users, so the quality of telecommunication will be improved a lot.

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