Firefox add-on will stop you Facebooking Drunk

1308thumb.jpgYou know those drunken late-night Facebook updates which you only discover at 3pm the next day when it’s Too Late? Well you can stop yourself doing them now. Or at least, slow yourself down, allowing a little reason to seep into your alcohol-fuddled brain.

FireFox browser add-on – Social Media Sobriety – is aimed at stopping you typing wild stuff in when you’re drunk.

The add-on lets you set certain times of the week when it’s possible you’ll be intoxciated – you know, Saturday night, Friday morning, Monday morning.. er wait no.

It acts as a door lock to multiple sites: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, as well as custom sites like Foursquare, your blog and web-based email accounts such as Gmail or hotmail.

Try to access them when the locks are down and you’ll be required to complete one of three randomly-selected sobriety tests: “drag your mouse in a straight line,” “type the alphabet backwards,” or “follow the finger.”

You know what though, they need to make a smartphone app quickly. When I’m drunk and wandering around I’m much more likely to be updating from my phone than from my computer. And there ain’t no Firefox browser on my iPhone.

See the Social Media Sobriety Test here

[via TechDigest]
Anna Leach