Code Clock – the iPhone alarm which needs code to turn it off


An alarm clock only for uber geeks – this one requires you to type in a random digital code before the ringing siren goes off. Code Clock is an app for iPhone, Pod and Pad and it’s a devilish sort of device designed to get your brain off to a racing start first thing.

It’s kind of harsh though if you’re not a morning person or just are shit at hand-eye co-ordination and reading numbers in the morning. In which case you’ll just have to sit there until the battery bleeds to death because (somehow) this works even when the phone is switched off.

“This is an ideal solution for those who often stay up late at night, travel a lot or simply forget to recharge their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as the alarm will ring even if the device is turned off.” say app-makers Cause Technologies.

We think they might mean when the app is switched off. But who knows. As the darker mornings set in, a number puzzle could be what it takes to tear you out of bed…

Anna Leach


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