Cage Against the Machine: will John Cage's 4 min Silence hit Christmas Number One


Well the geeks and the anarchists are back this year, proving that though digital activism may be silly, it is certainly not dead.

Last year, Rage Against the Machine toppled the X-Factor winner from the Christmas Number One spot in the music charts enraging Simon Cowell and delighting most other people. Of course it didn’t really achieve very much (both songs are owned by the same label) but it was fun.

And they’re back again this year with Cage Against the Machine – a campaign to get John Cage’s avant-garde piece “4’33” (4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence) to the top the music charts for Christmas 2010.

The Facebook group already has 49,000+ members. Sign up. But don’t buy it till December 13th.

Cage Against the Machine on Facebook
Cage Against the Machine on Twitter

Anna Leach