5 things the Queen should do on Facebook


It’s disappointing that the Queen has set up a Page rather than a Profile on Facebook, she won’t be able to add anyone as a friend or poke Barack Obama or anything.

Still, you can do things with Pages…here are five little suggestions for her Majesty.

1) Reveal the real Liz!

As Facebook say in their guidance on making a page: “Be Personal, Not Promotional – People become fans of you on Facebook because they love your work and want to connect with you as a person.” Time to lift the mask of royal dignity and show the real queenie.

2) Backstage photos at big events
Lady Gaga – another performer with a lot of events to attend – does these really well. It makes Facebook fans feel special and like they are getting privileged access to the private bit of the public events that make the news. Alright it will mostly just be the Queen in a hat probably sitting on a chair with a drink of water, but still, we want to see!

3) Share some everyday stories of life in the Palace
We all love the private family dramas revealed every so often in News of The World, what Princess Beatrice has been up to and how Prince Phillip dissed his son, but the Queen could scoop all the newspapers and put her own side of the story across by
Facebook recommends it too! – “Share everyday stories fans can relate to: a tough day travelling, a fun outing with family or friends..”

4) Interact!
Web 2.0 is all about interaction, so we’d like to see the Queen responding to fans. It could be as simple as a “lol” or a like, but it would mean a lot.

5) Competitions
What’s a celebrity Facebook page without competitons? Fans should be able to win hats, be offered the chance to attend functions with the Queen and probably get tours of Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Family’s facebook page is coming soon.

See Facebook’s own advice on building good pages

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Anna Leach