Jewellry actually says I Love You – messages coded into the wire

If you like wearing earrings that look like twisty bits of metal and have a penchant for designs with hidden messages then you may be interested in these earrings. The wire jewellry can say “I love you” or any other 30 second message you may be interested to record in them.

An interactive design student in Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA has made a way of bending wire using your voice. Speak into a microphone on her device and the little machine turns sound waves into movements that turn wheels that bend the wire. The resultant twisted bit of metal has a secret message encoded in it. But there’s no way of hearing it back again, unfortunately. See the New Scientist video about it below

It all reminds us a lot of these guys who make fabric out of used tape cassette tape. Sort of arty, sort of strange.

[via New Scientist]
Anna Leach