Are you a geek? Could you be Geek of The Year?


It’s an honour it’s hard to pass by. Imagine, you, a Geek of the Year…

If you are interested in putting yourself forward for this honour, then check out the competition on site You have to upload a picture and a uh video of yourself doing your geeky things.

The pictures all get uploaded on their Facebook page, so you can check out the competition too.. Currently it just seems to be people with large glasses. Can you do better? Get on it!

The award consists of some nights in a London hotel and “a goodie bag of gadgets and gizmos”. We hope that means an iPad. If that means an iPad I’m entering right now.

Anna Leach


  • So do they want hipster geeks with the empty glasses or real geeks, who spend all their time coding? Because the latter is not a pretty sight.

  • I’m the biggest geek ever. I’m on a PC 24/7. I am definitely geek of the year!

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