Are Facebook Pages more Important than Company Websites?


It seems to me that companies are starting to push their Facebook pages rather than their company websites. It was noticeable in a recent football game – Arsenal vs Chelsea – that most of the big banners around the pitch were promoting Facebook pages like

And it’s the subject of an article in the Miami Herald which out-and-out states that your company Facebook page just is more important than your website. Forget meat world shops, that’s years old by now, it’s not even about the web, it’s about Facebook.

So why is Facebook the most important place for brands to be? well, because that’s where people are. Facebook is what people log onto in their lunch breaks, and when they get home from work. Even the most exciting brand will not get people googling them or lingering on their website on a regular basis – why would they? You know what Coca-Cola is, and you know where to do get it from, why would you go to the Coca-Cola website?

There’s the obvious reason that a Facebook page lets you post into a user’s newsfeed and insinuate yourself and your message in their social circle. But there are a couple of less obvious reasons why Facebook really really is where you need to be whether you’re selling adventure holidays or fizzy drinks:

1) Users spend more time per month on Facebook than on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia and Amazon combined. That’s 7 hours a month for the average user, much more for the power-networkers out there.
I knew people spent a lot of time on Facebook but this is mind-boggling – the social network is bigger than the internet in general.

2) Facebook Analytics
Google can tell you a lot about what visitors do on your site, but it doesn’t know what age your visitors are, whether they are male or female, or what other brands they like. Facebook does. Facebook knows a whole lot of stuff about the people who like your page, and will share a certain amount of it with you, and that sort of information about your customers is pretty valuable. Facebook Analytics pulls up little gems from its great information treasure trove that aren’t available to you on any other platform.

Anna Leach


  • This is an interesting perspective. I can not agree on myself, and I think it is important that Facebook is going to fall in the future.

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