5 Things You Could Crowdsource But Shouldn't

1217top.jpgNews that Gap have decided to crowdsource their new logo, after hastily withdrawing the fairly shit helvetica thing they produced last week, prompted us to examine the things that you could crowdsource, but probably shouldn’t.

1. Logos. Yes, CEO of Gap, if you’re reading we are suggesting that your logo is one thing you should leave to trained designers, rather than your Facebook friends. Even if they ballsed it up last time.

2. Baby names – it just shows a lack of interest in your own child. Also you could end up with something dreadful, probably with an “@” character in it.

3. Relationship advice. Ask your best friends by all means, but don’t do the “Readers, should I dump him??” thing on a social network. Sure you might get some advice back, but trust me the cons will outweigh the pros.

4. Things that involve boasting – for example “oo, don’t know whether to rock out to that exclusive warehouse party tonight or just lounge around with my hot bf in the tastefully-decorated penthouse suite we live in.”
responses will usually be uncomplimentary.

5. Key parts of your business – times may be hard and all, but you still want to be paying the key people who are making your business tick. Relying on your Facebook friends for funny ideas about cats is one thing, getting them to do your accounting is a path to doom.

Anna Leach