3D glasses get a makeover: meet these bubble-gum aviators from iWoot


Well these pretty little things should clear up any lingering doubts you had about 3D television. Okay the sets still cost something on the wrong side of £500 but any problems you had about wearing 3D enabling eyewear that looks like medicinal sunglasses should now be swept aside.

iWOOT have released aviator shaped 3D glasses, compatible with any 3D TV that uses passive glasses technology – the one down the pub for example. They come in four colours – bubblegum pink, brilliant white, tomato red and jet black – and one distinctive shape.

Okay, so you will look a little bit like a twat, but hey until they bring out that carefully chosen pair of off-white Raybans that you love, this will have to do..

Moshka Aviator 3D glasses are now available at www.iwantoneofthose.com

Anna Leach